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Living in Louisiana means you’re always surrounded by delicious foods, and when you’re busy, it can be easy to fall back on beignets, po’boys, and other hearty meals. But sometimes, you need something light, fresh, and nutritious, and Clean Creations, Baton Rouge is here to help! 

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Eat Healthy on a Time Crunch with Clean Creations, Baton Rouge

At Clean Creations, Baton Rouge, we know how hard it can be to eat healthy when you’re busy. Whether you work a demanding job, have kids to look after, or feel buried under piles of coursework, a balanced diet is often the last thing on your mind. Healthy fresh food requires time to prepare, and chopping and washing all of your produce can take forever. Even going to the grocery store or farmer’s market can feel time-consuming when you have other commitments. But with Clean Creations Baton Rouge, you can get all the benefits of a healthy diet with none of the hassle. We offer fresh, nutritious meals delivered right to your door or picked up at one of our convenient locations in New Orleans or Baton Rouge, taking the fuss out of healthy eating. 

Cut Down on Grocery Shopping and Order À La Carte

We do all of the shopping, preparation, and washing-up so you don’t have to, and the journey from our kitchen to your table starts with our high-quality ingredients. We know the grocery store can be a headache, so we do all the shopping for you, taking the time to source fresh ingredients. With Clean Creations, Baton Rouge, you never have to worry about accidentally buying an overripe avocado or letting your berries go bad in the fridge. We hand-select the best ingredients available, then we prepare them for you so all you have to do is enjoy! À La Carte and save yourself some time!

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Stop Stressing Over What to Cook and Check Out our Grab & Go

If you’ve ever been on your way home and dreading to cook dinner, we’re here to help. Stop by our store and check out our what’s in our coolers! Never make that last minute trip through a drive-thru again. The meals in our coolers are ready to eat and you don’t have to call ahead. Just come in and pick out what you want, take it home and heat it up. It’s that simple! Only pick up the best for you and your family with our grab & go items.

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Make Time for Well-Rounded Meals

We also have a variety of options to choose from for every meal of the day, so you never have to worry about skipping breakfast again! Whether you prefer your breakfast sweet or savory, our menu can accommodate. From vegan french toast to tomato and zucchini quiche, you’ll always find something fresh and delicious to love. For lunch, try a kale and quinoa power salad or Italian stuffed bell pepper. And for dinner, be sure to try our Thai turkey meatballs or pescatarian jambalaya! And don’t worry about snacks, because we’ve got those too. From matcha power balls to cranberry energy bites, our snacks are made to satisfy, keeping you full and happy in-between meals.

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Clean Creations, Baton Rouge: FAQs

Having healthy, delicious meals prepared for you by Clean Creations, Baton Rouge sounds great - but how do you get started? All you have to do is click the “Get Started” link on our homepage to set up an account. Once you create a profile, you can then visit the “Order” tab on our homepage to begin placing your order. It’s as easy as that!

We also get a lot of questions about how our meal plans work, such as are meal plans recurring? The answer is yes. Our meal plans are subscriptions, and we charge you weekly, biweekly, or monthly based on your preferences. Customers also wonder: can I choose my own meals? Absolutely! We pride ourselves on preparing a wide variety of delicious, nutritious meals, allowing you to dictate your own meal plan. You get to choose your subscription meals before your initial checkout, and again after the account auto-renews. Even if you don’t have a subscription plan, your meals can be chosen under the “a la carte” ordering section. Customers also ask questions like “Do I have to order a meal plan?” Nope!  Meal plans are just one of the options we offer in addition to a la carte, bulk, or via our custom meal builder. With these last three options, you just receive food when you place an order. If you need to cancel an order due to unforeseen circumstances or vacation time, send all cancellation requests to

If you’re located in the Baton Rouge area, you might be wondering: Can I get delivery to the Baton Rouge area? And while we’re not offering delivery just yet, we do offer pick-up for our Clean Creations Baton Rouge customers. You can pick up your meals at our Perkins Road East location. Our Clean Creations Baton Rouge orders are available for pick up every Sunday and Wednesday every week after 12:00 PM. If you’d like more information about the Clean Creations Baton Rouge operation, please give us a call.

Make Healthy Eating a Breeze with Clean Creations, Baton Rouge

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle when you have a busy schedule can be exhausting. From meal planning to grocery shopping to preparing the food, eating right takes time. But with Clean Creations, Baton Rouge, we make healthy eating a breeze! Not only do we hand-select the freshest ingredients for your meals, but we also do all the cooking, cleaning up, and packaging for you. And better yet, you get to pick from our current menu, tailoring your meal plan to your palate. To help you eat healthy on a time crunch, Clean Creations provides you with fresh, healthy meals delivered right to your door or for pickup at our New Orleans or Baton Rouge locations. Eating well has never been more convenient with our large selection of meal plans and à la carte options. Sign up for Clean Creations today to start your healthy eating journey today!

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