Why Weight Loss New Year's Resolutions Don't Stick: Companies are Against You

February 7, 2022

While the new year brings hope for a new beginning and inspiration to tackle your goals and aspirations, it can also bring an overwhelming amount of stress. Lots of individuals experience some sort of anxiety surrounding their goals, especially weight loss New Year’s resolutions. As individuals make weight loss one of their New Year’s resolutions, many will turn to a weight loss company for help. Weight loss products and companies make up a 250 billion dollar industry. Despite the power these companies hold, they usually aren’t working in favor of their consumers' best interests. Here is why weight loss companies don’t want you to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. 

Failure Drives Sales

The weight loss industry capitalizes off people’s failed independent weight loss journeys. When you make it your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, you make it a goal to do it on your own. Which is a commendable thing! However, this is not the route that weight loss companies want you to take as it wouldn’t allow them to make as much money as they do. The weight loss industry uses individuals who are tired of trying to lose weight on their own and want an easy way out. 

Almost all weight loss companies use a quick-fix approach to their diet or method in order to push people to buy into their gimmick. They make a promise that once you go on their weight loss program, you will lose the weight in no time, no matter how much it is you want to lose. When their products and programs don’t work, or provide the quick-fix they promised, customers keep coming back because they believe the problem is within themselves, not the company. This creates a vicious cycle which is what allows weight loss companies to continue to make money off of the same individuals. Losing weight is not an easy process, nor is it ever achieved through a quick fix. However, weight loss companies are not on their customers’ side. They need a way to keep customers coming back after every failed weight loss attempt. 

Lies Make Money

A common misconception created by weight loss companies is that once someone achieves their desired weight, it will never come back, even with a change in diet. Not only is this not true, but companies that promote restrictive, eliminative diets make money on this exact lie. Keeping weight off following a weight loss journey is already very difficult, and companies that promote unrealistic, unsustainable diets gain the most from your “failure” once you have finished their program. While you are on their program or diet, they will most likely require you to eat in an extreme calorie deficit, or cut out one or more food groups or types of food. 

This will inevitably cause you to lose weight since you are depriving your body of necessary nutrients. However, once you complete the diet, it will be very hard to keep the weight off once you begin eating as you normally would. This is what weight loss companies want. Many individuals will be unhappy with the weight they may gain back which will incline them to restart the diet, and therefore give more money to the company. This creates a cycle that continues for years for some individuals. 

While these diets are not only unsustainable, they have a plethora of negative side effects. Restrictive diets make individuals unhappy and lethargic as they are not receiving the essential nutrients they need to function. Additionally, these weight loss plans may affect digestion, among other bodily functions, causing more harm than good. 

Balance is the Key

At the end of the day, a healthy, balanced diet with regular exercise is the healthiest and most realistic way to lose weight. Your body deserves enough nutrients to function properly, and the diets that weight loss companies promote will not do this. Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to lose weight while eating a balanced, abundant diet. Weight loss is a slow process and it may not always be linear or happen in a steady decline. 

Weight loss companies want you to believe that losing weight is nearly impossible to do on your own, but it is not. You have the ability to take charge of your health and take on your weight loss journey, especially without the help of a company that is not working in your favor. This will not only be much more rewarding, but sustainable as well. Nothing is more discouraging than not meeting your goals. This is why it is time to ditch weight loss companies and their empty promises. While weight loss companies will not be going away anytime soon, dieting is on the decline as most individuals are opting for a lifestyle of balanced, intuitive eating. Feeding your body when it is hungry and providing it with energy is the way to go whether you are trying to lose weight or not. 

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