5 Top Food Trends for 2022

February 18, 2022

Each year, several top food trends rise above the rest. Some become short-lived fads that do not sustain their popularity, but some become lasting trends that people integrate into their diets. Over the past few years, society has begun to take into consideration what foods are truly the best, rather than what delivers quick, empty results. The focus has shifted from weight loss and looking a certain way to feeling one’s best and feeding the body with nutrients. At Clean Creations, we want you to put your health at the top of your priorities, which is why we offer a wide variety of meal options to accommodate everyone, trend-related or not. 

Top Food Trends

Many food trends from previous years will continue to be just as popular, if not more in 2022. However, several new food trends will rise in popularity throughout this year. 

1. Immune-boosting Foods

The pandemic brought along many trends such as loungewear, whipped coffee, and organizational hacks. However, with a rise in illness, immune-boosting foods rose in popularity and will continue to in 2022. While this is not a quick fix to any illness, it is never a bad idea to eat in order to support one’s immune system. Many foods can either support or hinder your body’s immune system. Foods such as citrus, peppers, spinach, broccoli, garlic, ginger, yogurt, almonds, turmeric, and green tea are all great foods that can boost your immune system and positively contribute to your health. Clean Creations offers many different meals containing immune-boosting ingredients. Items such as our matcha power balls, kale, and quinoa hummus bowl, and egg muffins all contain ingredients that are sure to aid your immune system and keep you feeling your best.  

2. Anti-inflammatory Diets

With more and more individuals experiencing anything from digestive issues to chronic illness, anti-inflammatory diets have been on the rise and will continue to be in 2022. Anti-inflammatory foods are easy to digest, are less likely to cause bloating, and overall help with inflammation which especially comes into play when you are sick. They can also help improve overall gut health, which has been shown to contribute to a positive mood. 

Foods such as berries, fish, broccoli, mushrooms, avocados, green tea, turmeric, and dark chocolate are all anti-inflammatory foods and can be a great staple to have in your diet. How you feel should be most important, and eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties is a way to have a positive impact on it. At Clean Creations, our entree options change twice a week, so you will always have new options with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Some of our meals that include anti-inflammatory foods are our pesto portabella bowl and cranberry energy bites

3. Intuitive Eating

With a decline in fad diets and unsatisfying meals, weight loss companies have seen a steady decline in popularity over the past few years. Many individuals are opting for a lifestyle of intuitive eating, and this won’t be going out of style in 2022 as many unsustainable diets will. Intuitive eating is essentially listening to your body’s hunger queues by eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full. This type of eating encompasses living a balanced lifestyle and not putting too much thought into what one is eating. 

Ensuring one receives the necessary nutrients and enjoys their food is the main goal of intuitive eating. This lifestyle is able to provide positive physical and mental outcomes. Most individuals experience themselves feeling better and happier, especially after failing with unsustainable diets for so many years. 

4. Plant-based Meals

Over the past several years, many individuals have realized the benefits that a plant-based diet can have for their physical and mental well-being. Plant-based foods are naturally easier to digest, making them extremely beneficial for gut health, as well as reducing inflammation. Plant-based diets can also aid in reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, bad cholesterol, as well as certain cancers. Additionally, they are great for the environment and reduce an individual’s carbon footprint. Plant-based diets are stereotypically difficult to maintain due to most people being used to eating a diet with meat and animal products. Not only is this not true, but Clean Creations is able to make following a plant-based diet even easier with premade meals for busy individuals. Simply choose “the vegan plan” or “the vegetarian plan” depending on your dietary needs when signing up for your weekly subscription. We want you to be able to follow the meal plan that best suits your lifestyle and goals which is why we are here to help.

5. Healthy Meals on the Go

With many people going back to the office in 2022, the lives of working individuals will get much busier. Once they stop working from home, most people will not have access to a kitchen, making it much more difficult to make healthy, delicious meals while at work. Because of this, most will opt for easy options that might not be the most nutritious or fresh. 

While easy meals usually have the stereotype of being unhealthy and processed, Clean Creations is looking to change that. We offer fresh, prepared meals right to your door. With your busy lifestyle, you never have to worry about having a delicious, fresh meal prepared ahead of time. In addition to contactless delivery, we also offer pick-up for individuals who are on the go. Swing by one of our locations to pick up your weekly meal subscription on your way home from work.

Be Trendy With a Clean Creations Subscription

At Clean Creations, we are committed to helping you live a healthier lifestyle, without the fuss of cooking elaborate meals for yourself. Whether you are interested in a current food trend or looking to bring ease to your daily routine, we are here to help. We offer low-carb, pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, and other meal plans in order to best suit your needs and lifestyle. Pick up your meals at one of our locations in Gretna or Baton Rouge, or have them delivered straight to your door. Sign up with us today, and start living your best life with Clean Creations.