Meal Delivery Services Food Safety Updated 2022

September 18, 2019

Food safety is an important part of any culinary company. At Clean Creations, we put the safety of our customers at the top of our list, as far as priorities go. Keeping our valued customers safe, and providing them with high-quality ingredients is what makes Clean Creations different from just any pre-packaged food. We prepare everything on-site so our customers have fresh, delicious meals delivered straight to their door, which makes their lives easier, without cutting corners.

Clean Creations operates in an FDA-regulated commercial kitchen.

Food safety is our #1 priority. Our commercial kitchen is regulated by the FDA, state and local agencies and we are subject to periodic inspections to ensure the safety and quality of our meals. Ensuring that our food is of the highest quality and safety is extremely important. We want our customers to feel as safe as possible when it comes to our food. Our kitchen is kept at the highest safety standards in order to keep our customers' health at the forefront of what we do.

Clean Creations employees are certified in food safety and handling by the State of Louisiana.

At all times during food production, our commercial kitchen is staffed by an employee who is certified in food safety and handling procedures. Having a certified food safety employee on-site allows us to do what we do best while keeping our customers’ safety as our top priority. 

Foodborne illnesses are an easily preventable issue, and at Clean Creations, we want our customers to know their safety is the most important thing to us. We understand that many of our customers may not be able to cook for themselves, and could be at risk of serious complications should they contract a foodborne illness, which is why safety is so important to us.

Clean Creations delivers twice per week in insulated bags via temperature-controlled vehicles.

Our signature insulated, thermal bags are packed in a refrigerated commercial kitchen and delivered in temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure and maintain food-safe temperatures according to the USDA’s guidelines at all times during production and delivery. Keeping our food in the freshest conditions in order to ensure our customers’ safety and food’s quality is what we strive for. 

Clean Creations uses the highest quality ingredients

Eating healthy foods doesn’t just include the type of foods an individual eats. It includes the quality of the ingredients as well. Fueling your body with foods that are locally sourced, and are up to FDA standards is incredibly important when maintaining a healthy diet. Using ingredients that are of the best quality ensures that they will provide the most nutrition possible, are able to be digested easily, and make you feel your best. 

Clean Creations provides contactless delivery for all orders in New Orleans, LA

For all orders being delivered to a customer’s home, we offer contactless delivery. In a time when the pandemic is still a part of our lives, we understand that some customers may still be practicing social distancing. This is why we always offer contactless delivery to make sure our customers feel as safe as possible at all times. Clean Creations is not just for individuals on the go, but for people who may not feel comfortable eating out as well. We want our meal plans to serve everyone and their lifestyles, which is why we offer several different meal plans and schedules. 

Clean Creations is here to make your life easier

At Clean Creations, our customers are the reason we do what we do. Not only do we want our customers' lives to be easier, but we want them to know that the food they are eating is held up to the highest quality and safety standards. We offer several different meal plans including low-carb, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, as well as many others. Customers are able to choose portion sizes, meals per day, as well as how often they would like to receive their Clean Creations delivery. Sign up today and begin receiving fresh, healthy meals straight to your door.