How to Eat Like a Saints Linebacker

September 18, 2019

New Orleans Saints inside linebacker Nate Stupar has learned to balance a busy football career and parenthood while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Learn how New Orleans healthy meal delivery service Clean Creations has kept his diet on track on and off the field.

Q: How did you hear about Clean Creations and when did you start?

I attended an event where Clean Creations was serving their Southwest Turkey Meatballs. I loved them, so I started ordering the meals. It’s been awesome—especially with a newborn. Cooking and eating healthy with a newborn has been a challenge.

Q: What do you like about the meals?

During the football season, my diet goes out the door, and I didn’t want that happen this year. I knew Clean Creations would help keep me on track to stay healthy. I love how the meals are made fresh, and the convenience of just popping them in microwave is awesome. Dinner is served in just a couple of minutes.

Q: Do your kids eat the meals?

Yep! They eat them, too. Portion size is great, and we split their meals up. My daughter loves the Sweet Potato Pancakes for breakfast.

Q: How many calories do you typically consume off-season compared to in-season?

I tend to get especially hungry during training camp because we’re constantly moving and burning more calories than in-season. Before Clean Creations, I would rush to the quickest lunch option: fast food. Once I was introduced to Clean Creations Muscle Builder plan, I was able to put better food in my body, and it’s kept me healthy, energized and fit.

Q: Do you have a favorite Clean Creations meal?

I love the Chicken Marsala with tomatoes and any of the pasta dishes. Who knew eating pasta could be eating clean?! I’m allergic to shellfish, so Barbara has been great at accommodating my meals.